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Wall Tie Replacement

Most homes built in the last hundred years are of cavity wall construction: the external walls are built of two leaves of brickwork linked with steel ties. This makes for a warmer and drier home than the older solid brick construction.

But, unless the ties are of stainless steel or very heavily galvanised mild steel, there is a tendency for the ties to rust making the wall less secure and sometimes causing bowing of the brickwork. Mild steel ties have a shorter life than the brickwork and, during the life of the building, can need replacement.

Most houses built in the last twenty years will have been constructed of stainless or heavily galvanised ties which are proof against this decay but houses prior to 1980 cannot be presumed to be immune, hence the need for inspection.

The Wall Tie Installers' Federation can help in two ways: with the selection of a Registered Installer to inspect and, if required, to do this work and with an insured Warranty on the completed work so that if it is necessary to sell the house in the future the Warranty can be offered to the purchaser to whom the Federation will upon request transfer the unexpired term of the Warranty.

Registered Installers are experienced in the diagnosis and remedial treatment of wall ties and any ancillary work required.

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If you are considering a house-purchase, a wall tie survey by a Registered Installer should certainly be included in your preliminary investigations before making an offer. In some areas it will be required as a precondition of loan.